Tom Dunmore v Stephen Fry: now available for (legal) download

My gig at the iTunes Festival is now available for free download from iTunes. And when I say ‘my gig’, I of course mean my wet-palmed introduction and questioning of the legend that is Mr Stephen Fry.

Proof! Stephen Fry & me by Tui

Proof! Stephen Fry & me by Tui

Stephen Fry managed to ruffle a few feathers with his good-natured attack on the more draconian anti-piracy exploits of the music and movie industries. Admittedly it was a pretty soft target in front of an audience of 20somethings, but the sentiment seemed pretty spot-on to me.

Of course, the old charmer knew he’d get away with it. And despite his ingenuous aside to me as we left the stage (“Oh I do hope I haven’t upset our hosts”), he knew what he would cause a stir. But hey, that’s rock and roll (except in this case you can download it for free without upsetting The Man).

Anyway, Mr Fry’s meditation on copyright is well worth a listen. Just try to ignore my fear-induced glottic rictus. I don’t usually sound like a screaming teenager, I promise.

Download the Stephen Fry copyright podcast from iTunes

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