The Apple iPad heralds the age of sit-back computing

One from the archives; May 2010 to be exact:

With every hour I spend with the Apple iPad, my initial skepticism evaporates a little more. I thought it was a beautiful gadget looking for a purpose. Now I’m starting to realise that it’s slicing a tidy little niche all of its own.

Welcome to the world of sit-back computing

Apple iPad = sit-back computing

The iPad isn’t a replacement for a laptop. Nor even a netbook. It’s not a serious work tool. Its DNA is far more iPod than MacBook – but that is its strength. The large screen and zippy processor of the iPad open up a incredible new range of possibilities.

This is the computer reborn as a cross-generational leisure device. Its unbeatable when you’re sitting back on the sofa reading or watching TV. It’s also a social computer, perfect for sharing videos, pictures and games with friends. It lands firmly in between the sit-forward experience of traditional computing and the lie-back experience of passively consuming TV.

But if you’re thinking of buying one, it’s worth noting what the iPad can and can’t do. You can read my full stream-of-consciousness review of the Apple iPad Wi-Fi + 3G over at