Apple iPhone 4: the one that goes nuclear

The iPhone 4 went on sale just four hours ago, but it’s already a massive hit. And I mean MASSIVE. I’ve just returned from central London – I visited six Carphone Warehouse shops and two Phones4U – all had sold out within the first two hours.

iPhone 4 queue regent st

Apple faithful queue for the iPhone 4

So I cycled up to Apple’s flagship Regent Street store, which had been open for two and a half hours. And yet people were still queueing round the block. Here’s what I saw (incidentally, I took the picture with the iPhone 4 – click to see it full res).

There were a few phone network stores that obviously had some stock left, because there were queues outside. This is certainly the most demand I’ve ever seen for a mobile phone. I’m guessing Apple’s going to make a lot of money today – and the iPhone 4 will lose its exclusive cool remarkably quickly. Fortunately, it’s still an amazing phone. Here’s my video review for

(BTW As many Toobers have pointed out, I make a mistake about the pixel count – it has four times the number of pixels, not double the number. What I meant to say was it has double the resolution (960×640 as opposed to the 480×320 on the 3GS).)

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And finally, my favourite pic of the iPhone 4. It’s truly a thing of beauty. Click to embiggen.

Apple iPhone 4